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Orchid Flower Care Tips

Written By Unknown on Sunday, June 2, 2013 | 8:18 AM

Orchid flower care tips_is about what me want to share. This beautiful flower is easy to reach the hearts of many people. The flowers were beautiful with colors that lure suitable for a decoration at home or in your yard.

If you are a beginner who has just lured to nurture these plants, there are 10 tips you can do to make this plant still radiates beauty.
  • Find plants with some closed buds

    Orchid petals bloom perfectly whole does look more beautiful, but if you're buying this plant, it is better if you choose plants with multiple buds were still closed. Orchid flowers last for quite a long time indeed. They can last up to four weeks. But if you buy the orchid petals are blooming all, then when I got home, the flowers may only last for a week, because you do not know how long it was in place orchid seller before finally arriving in your hands. By buying orchids that some buds are still closed, you will have the guarantee that the flowers will bloom for you.

  • Do not give too much water

    One of the common mistakes made by beginners is to give them too much water orchids. Too much water will make the plant roots die, which led to the death of the plant. Orchid plants not need much water, he needs a room with air enough so roots can breathe. Just give water orchids when cropping media is too dry.

  • Give enough light

    Make sure you provide enough light orchids. Most of the problems beginners is they do not provide enough light and could not make this plant flowering. Their biggest mistake is to give too much water and do not provide enough light. Get to know the background of orchid you buy, to know the appropriate treatment. Many orchids that live in trees and must have enough air around their roots. While others live in dry rocks or in the ground.

  • Check regularly

    Take your plants one at a time for at least two weeks, and check carefully. If he needs special attention, then do it with immediately. If there are bugs in there, assume that the next crop also have it, even though you do not see it for yourself.

  • Joined with other orchid lovers

    The best way to care for your orchids is to join the community of orchid lovers. Join the community will make you know much about orchids and how to treat them.

  • Select the appropriate pot

    Do not choose a pot that is too large. Find a pot that can accommodate the roots of your plants, not the size of the leaves.

  • Do not just waiting for the flowers growing

    When purchasing new plants, do not just focus on the interest alone. Note also the leaves, roots and overall plant health.

  • Timing is everything

    Especially when it gives the water at your favorite orchid. Flush your orchids every morning, because the plants are more vulnerable when they are still in wet conditions when the temperature drops at night time.

  • Patience, patience, and patience

    Be patient. Remember, that the people who are experts in the care of orchids is they who have killed thousands of orchids.

Orchid is a plant that requires patience. In one moment you can enjoy the beauty of exotic flowers bloom perfectly, but at other times you have to face the twigs turn brown and the leaves are falling. You need to remember are two main rules in caring for orchids: morning sunlight and sufficient water. Place your orchid in the window facing east or south, and remember to water it once only when he begins to dry (you can test it with a finger). By following the guidelines above, be prepared to get orchids healthy and beautiful, that will adorn your home.

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